Christin's Behind-the-Scenes Sunday 🎥: Special Edition 💖

11 tips for relationship preventive health

Dear Ones,

Today marks the 11th year my wife has put up with me, officially! I have coerced collaborated with her on 11 exclusive tips for getting along.

Huge disclaimer: I have no idea how people write these and not feel hypocritical. They are more like reminders-to-ourselves, rather than saying that we have aced them all!

Christin and Yuhong’s 11 Tips for Relationship Preventive Health

1. The secret to happiness is a short memory (works best when both people have terribly short memories...)

2. A relationship is started based on each persons’ good qualities, and it lasts when each person works on their own foibles.

3. Prioritize quality time without other people around!

4. Always remind the other person to bring their jacket.

5. Observe and learn from other relationship dynamics (Ones between self and others, and other people with other people's.)

6. If Armageddon happens tomorrow, is the current conversation/disagreement worth it?

7. Enjoy similar or complementary eating habits. Does one person prefer dark meat and the other white meat? Bam! Share a mixed bucket of fried chicken.

8. Spend an occasional day without each other too. Have separate hobbies, ideally complementary (e.g. can be done in the same location, like fishing and strumming a ukulele poorly outdoors.)

9. Prevent crankiness arising in the other person whenever possible. Give a small massage or feed or water. It's often easier for the other person to detect it before the person in question even realizes it's happening! It’s like being a seizure detection dog. 😂

10. Tryyyyy not to leave the other person way behind when hiking...take turns being the lead. Don’t kick up too much dust in the other person’s face.

11. Have shared silly goals that are fun along the way, and don't matter if you don't meet them.

Warm Wishes,

Christin and Yuhong

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